Workspaces for Veterans

Made for the Design of University Inclusive Conference Spaces to provide guidelines for a collaborative and universally inclusive conference room for veterans returning to work. 

Historic Restoration

Cornell University's historic Martha Van Rensselaer hall is being renovated. The building needs to preserve the historic architecture and qualities but also needs to re-vamp their brand identity and address the largest building concern of way-finding. This proposal gives MVR a new identity while honoring it's rich architecture.

How can we encourage healthy eating on campus? 

This project involved alts in cash registers at the Mannidble cafe to print your calorie total at the bottom of the receipt. This was an effort to move towards proactive healthy decisions by creating a feedback loop for consumers. *This was the only Cornell DFA project implemented during that semester's studio. 

Morpheus Lighting Exhibit 

Inspired by changing quality of light relating to the changing human-behavior in response. 

Luminare Installation

The premise of this project was to design a lighting installation based on a quote, then craft a human experience through light that reflects the meaning of the quote.