Human-environment relations strategy: Cubes to Collaboration spaces - The Boeing Company

This project has been in the works for about two years. After winning Boeing's annual internal company competition, "The Rosen Games", judged by Dr. Rosen himself (inventor of the geosynchronous satellite) with a pitch to transform Boeing's work place environment, I have been working with Boeing teams around the country to further research the impacts of collaboration spaces. Publishings to come. 

UX Researcher: "Puppet plant" 

Consulting with a team of engineers and designers who competed and won the Big Red Hacks, Major League Hacks competition and awarded within the Life Changing Labs incubator. The goal is to prototype and create an assistant - a plant avatar - to help remind and reinforce sustainable behavior using an Arduino Mega 2560 and Python to perform real-time temperature analysis and to control the plant avatar and ambiance. The design is currently being reiterated and target to a specific user group. 

Furniture Design

Working on designing a modernized art & craft style dinning room table with a set of matching chairs. Once the designs are complete they will be handmade by a manufacturer in New Jersey. 

Tattoo Design

Currently working on designing a few different tattoos for friends- requests range from pets, to flowers, to recreating astronomical symbols in a modern and innovative way. 

Tiny House Design

I've designed a series of tiny houses for friends and community members. The current design I'm working on was brought to me from a client in Western New York, looking to build a new home on their maple syrup farm.