Lead Researcher: Human-Environment Relations/Organizational Behavior

Human-Environment Relations Thesis Research

  • Evaluated workspace use and generation, and how these factors influence a larger corporate culture, policies, and practices at The Boeing Company. 
  • Used spatial data analytics, behavior mapping, interviews, focus groups, and a survey.
  • Created recommendations regarding change management, leadership roles, and facility design, in order to create a more inclusive work environment, while supporting an organizational culture change. 


Research Assistant: Workplace Strategy

Cornell Integrated Workplace Strategies

  • This project is working with the RAND corporation to evaluate a nationwide pilot workspace program.
  • My role as a research assistant is to help with data collection; observations, shadowing, as well as coding and visualizing data. 



UX Researcher: Virtual Reality Studies

Cornell Tech: Social Technologies Lab

  • This project studied the cross over between communities in the digital and physical realm, as well as examining the use case for VR as a social science tool.
  • Tools used for the project include; Facebook's ReactVR, Amazon Mechanical Turks, Samsung Gear VR, and Theta S 360 camera.
  • My role included assisting with the research design, measures, stimuli, and literature review.


Team Member: Active vs. Static Standing & Sitting

Cornell University Ergonomics

  • Worked under professor Alan Hedge with a team of students to evaluate conditions of active sitting vs. active standing.
  • My role was to help with the research design, participant testing, and analysis. Presented and published findings through the Human-Factors and Ergonomics Society. 



UX & Market Researcher: Wearable Technology - Fiber Science

Fiber Science and Apparel Design

  • My role as a research assistant is to understand the market for a new garb designed within the department, conduct user testing on with potential markets using the prototype and create a business case analysis of the results to determine the direction the garment should go for funding and future design iterations.  



Research Assistant: Mapping Interpersonal Communication

Design, User Experience, Technology Research Lab

  • The mission of the duet lab is to study the emergence of design and technology and how the two work together in an environment.
  • My role as a research assistant was to help conduct literature reviews on MIT's socio-metric badge readers in order to help inform the capabilities of the technology within a research setting.