Megan Cackett 

Sr. Human Factors, UX Researcher 

I'm a mixed-methods researcher using data to design experiences across physical and digital spaces 🚀


What is human-factors (HF)?

A human-technology interaction discipline that considers how the human mind and body, relate to a technology in context

For example, a smart watch has an interface that is easy to understand (mind), and fits on a variety of people - age/body type (body), during a walk, run, sleep, etc. (context). 

🛠️ Work Experience

Project Highlights

Google Pixel Buds

HF/UXR lead on the Pixel buds (Series A)

AR Murals

Creative Strategist 

Boeing: Collaboration Spaces

Facility Analyst / Project Administrator 

Passion Projects

🤖 Designing with emerging technology

🔵  Mentoring startups through Google for Startups Accelerator

Advise startups on UX, IoT, hardware development, and designing new human-tech interactions, including: EV charging, drone delivery, remote emergency vehicles, residential renewable energies, applying AI and automation to manufacturing and maintenance processes (since Feb. 2022).

🔵  Teaching a graduate course: Design of Smart Technologies (HCID 680-92) 

In this course we look at design examples from science fiction and design iterations of the past to help design new digital and physical experiences across mediums and interfaces (visual, audio, haptic), teaching as an elective with the human-centered interaction design students at Harrisburg University. 

🪴 Growing UX communities

🔵  Creating alternative educational experiences, by connecting UX students to non-profits 

Awarded the HU's Presidential Research Grant of $20,000 to create a program connecting UX students to local non-profits to get practical experience and have a positive social impact (project in progress). 

🔵  Advisory board member: Master of Professional Studies in User Experience Design (MPS – UXD) at CCAD

The program is focused on addressing the future of UX design related to service design and retail, I help with program and student development. 

🔎 Academic Research

I was a researcher in 6 different academic labs, worked on projects ranging from emerging technology to organizational strategy, through the end-to-end research process, conducting literature reviews, running design research to build products, generative and evaluative 






Cornell Tech Social Technologies Lab 

Conducting experiments in virtual environments (VR) using crowdsourced platforms (AMT). 

Project: Web-based vr experiments powered by the crowd (medium article) 

Publication: Web-based vr experiments powered by the crowd (ACM)  

Presented the project at NYC Media Lab Demo Expo 2018

Fiber Science & Apparel Design 

Part of a $2M+ grant from ARPA-E, research informed the product design of thermoregulated garments, taking the product from V1 ⟶ V2 ensuring product-market fit. 

Project: Thermoregulatory Clothing System

Publication: Thermoelectric air conditioning undergarment for personal thermal management and HVAC energy saving (published after I left)

Integrated Workplace Strategies Lab

Evaluated the corporate workspaces, helping RAND move to an open office plan, and Boeing evaluate changes in it's workplace design. 

Project: What Happens When RAND Rethinks its Workspace 

Project: Cubes to Collaboration: A Generational Divide In the Workplace (M.S. Thesis) 

CU Ergo Lab

Ergonomic evaluation of products, including: handheld products, wearable tech, appliances, and office furniture.  

Publication: Effects of Active Sitting Chairs on Short-Duration Computer Task Performance, Postural Risks, Perceived Pain, Comfort and Fatigue

Publication: Effects of Active Versus Static Standing on Short-Duration Computer Task Performance, Postural Risks, Perceived Pain, Comfort and Fatigue

Design User Experience Technology Lab

Evaluating the response (through eye-tracking and facial tracking) of users having varying levels of control in virtual environments. 

Lectures & Workshops

Adjunct teaching and guest lectures  

Cornell University 

Design Thinking Workshop (partnered with Medium + Google)

DEA 1050: Career Explorations, Human-Factors in Industry 

DEA 5540 Workplace Strategy Studio: Making the Transition into Industry 

Barcelona Technology School

Human-Factors in Industry 

History of Human-Factors and Industry Applications 

Harrisburg University

HCID 680-90: Service Design

HCID 504: Qualitative Discovery Research

HCID 680-92: Design of Smart Technology

IMED - Personal Branding & Storytelling Workshop 

Arizona State University (sponsored by HFES Chapter)

Human-Factors Portfolio Workshop 


Conference affiliations & other research communities